What is a Children & Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC)?

Better Outcomes Better Future Report Children & Young People’s Services Committees (CYPSCs) are the key structures identified by the government to plan and coordinate services for children, young people (0-24), and families in every county in Ireland. CYPSCs connect the main statutory, community, and voluntary service providers for children and young people.

The main purpose of CYPSCs is to improve outcomes for children, young people, and families. This is achieved through agencies working together on a local and national level. CYPSCs coordinate and enhance this interagency arrangement and organise actions so that children, young people, and their families receive improved and accessible services.

CYPSCs work across the 5 national outcome areas, outlined in ‘Better Outcomes Brighter Futures: The national policy framework for children & young people 2014-2020’ Department of Children & Youth Affairs, 2014.

Download the policy here

Kerry Children & Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC) is part of the national CYPSC initiative being led by the Department of Children & Youth Affairs. There are currently 26 CYPSCs established in Ireland serving all 26 counties and 31 Local Authority areas.

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs provide policy and strategic direction to CYPSCs. A national CYPSC Steering Group supports effective operation and practical implementation of CYPSC at local level. A National Co-ordinator for Children and Young People’s Services Committees works closely with DCYA to provide leadership for CYPSCs at national level and lead the implementation of the strategic plan for CYPSCs.

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