Wednesday – Interesting things to do with children/young people at home or online during the pandemic

Are you thinking of ways to entertain and or home school your child(ren) at home?


Below are some of our favorite fun online resources/activities for today!


@rainbowphilofficial on Instagram is facilitating song and story-time for babies and toddlers every morning at 10a.m. on his Instagram IGTV and Facebook page. You can also catch up on his previous live episodes, click on the links below.

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Tune into Cúla4 at school every Monday – Friday morning at 10:-00a.m. on TG4/Channel 4. An entertaining school program based on aspects of the primary school curriculum and on different themes each week. Each week the half-hour program will focus on a specific theme and the approach will include exiting lessons and a lively format, consistent with the goals and learning outcomes of the primary curriculum. Core curriculum subjects such as Irish, Maths, History and Geography will be covered, but there will also be an emphasis on creativity, oral arts and health and well-being. Children’s participation in the home will be welcomed during the Cúla4 in school program and pictures or videos can be submitted to the program.

The content will also be available on their website and YouTube Channel


Laya Healthcare Super Troopers have launched an exciting Stay at Home live series which provides fitness, mental well-being and nutrition based activities for children & young people. Tune into @Layahealthcare on Instagram every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00p.m. Check out their IGTV on Instagram for previous SuperTrooper challenges.

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Come back tomorrow for our Top 3 online/at home resources & activities for children and young people during the Covid-19