Wednesday – Interesting things to do with children/young people at home or online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Are you thinking of ways to entertain and or home school your child(ren) at home?


Below are some of our favorite fun online resources/activities for today!



Laya Healthcare Super Troopers have launched an exciting Stay at Home live series which provides fitness, mental well-being and nutrition based activities for children & young people. Tune into @Layahealthcare on Instagram every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00p.m.

You can follow Laya Healthcare on Instagram here.




During Covid-19 BBC Bitesize are offering access to free learning and revision tools as well as support and advice from other students whether your child and/or young person is in primary school, secondary school, or aged 16+. BBC Bitesize will publish daily online lessons for all and they will also have a dedicated TV channel full of learning content, podcasts on BBC Sounds and loads of educational video on their iPlayer.

Click here to access the BBC Bitesize website.




 Studyclix is one of Ireland’s most popular study websites, which offers notes, videos and a forum for students preparing for the Junior & Leaving Certificate. They divide all the Junior and Leaving Cert subjects into topics and give you all the past exam questions, marking schemes, sample answers, notes and videos. Make your study & exams easier with Studyclix!

Click here for your free access to the website.


Come back tomorrow for our Thursday Top 3 online/at home resource & activities for children and young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.