Tuesday – Interesting things to do with children/young people at home or online during the Covid-19 pandemic

Are you thinking of ways to entertain and or home school your child(ren) at home?


Below are some of our favorite fun online resources/activities for today!



Joe Wicks – The Body Coach is hosting a FREE PE Class for children & young people Live on his YouTube channel every Monday – Friday from 9a.m. (No equipment needed). The workouts are fun and suitable for all ages, even adults can get involved 🙂

You can access &/or subscribe to his YouTube channel here.




Rinka Ireland provides a professionally structured children’s fitness programme and a range of exciting classes that offer an alternative to mainstream sports. During the pandemic, Rinka Ireland are providing a FREE weekly schedule which is the perfect way to keep children and young people active, busy and engaged – from their morning live workouts on Facebook to their evening RELAX with Rinka sessions and everything in between! on Tuesday afternoon’s and Saturday morning they also facilitate funky dance routines. All of their work out videos are saved on their Facebook page for you to enjoy at your leisure 🙂

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Find Rinka Ireland on Facebook here. 



@rainbowphilofficial on Instagram is facilitating song and story-time for babies and toddlers every morning at 10a.m. on his Instagram IGTV and Facebook page. You can also catch up on his previous live episodes, click on the links below.

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Come back tomorrow for our Wednesday Top 3 online/at home resource & activities for children and young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.