Thursday – Interesting things to do with children/young people at home or online during the pandemic

Are you thinking of ways to entertain and or home school your child(ren) at home?


Below are some of our favorite fun online resources/activities for today! have put together 10 suggestions on how to stay connected with friends whilst staying at home.

Check them out by clicking here.



As part of the KPMG Reading Hero campaign we are also running a weekly competition for all young readers to keep them engaged and interested in literacy. The competition prize is a €100 book voucher each week for eight weeks and we are looking for pictures/wording to be submitted (either scanned/photo) via email to Please include the following details with your entry: name, age, address, school details and class.

Entries for each week’s competition will close at 12:00pm Friday.

Click here for more information and see below the 8 weeks ”weekly competitions”


Linda Flanagan on Facebook is hosting a FREE Live Zumba Kids class via Zoom this Saturday morning (23rd of May) at 11:00a.m. Linda advised anyone who is interested to private message her on Facebook and she will send you the meeting ID.

Click here to access her Facebook profile.


Come back tomorrow for our Top 3 online/at home resources & activities for children and young people during the Covid-19