Thursday – Interesting things to do with children/young people at home or online during the Covid-19 pandemic

Are you thinking of ways to entertain and or home school your child(ren) at home?


Below are some of our favorite fun online resources/activities for today!


Tune into Cúla4 at school every Monday – Friday morning at 10:-00a.m. on TG4/Channel 4. An entertaining school program based on aspects of the primary school curriculum and on different themes each week. Each week the half-hour program will focus on a specific theme and the approach will include exiting lessons and a lively format, consistent with the goals and learning outcomes of the primary curriculum. Core curriculum subjects such as Irish, Maths, History and Geography will be covered, but there will also be an emphasis on creativity, oral arts and health and well-being. Children’s participation in the home will be welcomed during the Cúla4 in school program and pictures or videos can be submitted to the program.

The content will also be available on their website and YouTube Chanel




Scratch – Scratch is an excellent FREE website for older children. With Scratch, you can create projects, share ideas and make friends others in the online community. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively which are essential skills for life in the 21st century.

You can access the website here.



The GAA are dedicating a page on their website to adding lots of fun activities for children and young people until it is okay for us to go back playing GAA with our friends and team mates.

They have created kids activity packs which they will be updating every week and are available to download for printing or screen-shot to be able to color them in on your computer, phone, tablet etc.

They have also developed lots of learning activities and skills challenges for Primary School children to do at home. They are adding new skills and activities daily, so keep an eye out for what’s new for you to try out!

They designed the #GAASolo Challenge to promote positivity, physical activity and well-being among young people, while encouraging them to stay at home and follow HSE guidelines at the same time.  #GAASolo is a second level student and teacher challenge which will run for a number of weeks. To get involved, students and teachers record videos of themselves doing the various challenges and upload them to Twitter or Instagram.

The GAA are organizing online exercise and coaching sessions for their underage teams, Click here to download the protocols around organizing these sessions.



Come back tomorrow for our Friday Top 3 online/at home resource & activities for children and young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.