Spun Out ‘How’s Your Head: Young Voices During COVID-19’ report

Young people across the country provided their lived experience, insights and feelings about COVID-19 in a national consultation run by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, working with the Department of Health and the youth sector in collaboration with SpunOut.ie.

This report, titled How’s Your Head: Young Voices During COVID-19, features the responses of a highly varied group of 2,173 young people aged 15-24 which were received and analysed. The young people answered questions about the impact of COVID-19 on their lives, what positives from this time, if any, they wished to keep moving forward, their feelings about the future and what supports they need in the next phases of restrictions and beyond.

This consultation began in the summer of 2020. A Youth Advisory Group worked with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs to guide the development and analysis of the consultation and to respond to the consultation findings. The Youth Advisory Group also provided their feedback and ideas on how to support young people over the coming months and years.

Download the full report here.