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Killarney: Mindful and Compassionate Parenting Workshop

This workshop is a 6-week course on mindful and compassionate parenting for parents, guardians and carers. The workshop aims to teach parents and carers the art of being fully present to themselves and their children with kindness, wisdom and compassion. They will learn to increase their child’s and their own emotional strength and well being. They will also be introduced to the foundations of mindfulness and the effects of mindfulness training on emotional regulation and stress reduction. 

The workshop will be presented by Anne Healy – MA Play Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and facilitated by South West Counselling Center Killarney. 




Dates & Times

Start date: Sunday March 29th

Time: 11:00a.m.-12:30p.m.

This course will run for six-weeks on the following dates; 

March 29th from 11-12:30pm

April 5th from 11-12:30pm

April 19th from 11-12:30pm

April 26th from 11-12:30pm

May 10th from 11-12:30pm 

June 7th from 10:30-3pm

Closing Date & Availability

This course is currently open for applications.

Early-bird reduction is available up until the 1st of March.

Price reduction is available for couples/co-parents.



€180 per person

Age Group

School Age


South West Counselling Center,
Lewis Road, Killarney
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South West Counselling Center, Killarney
South West Counselling Center, Killarney
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