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Improving Outcomes for Children with ADHD by Empowering Parents

Parents Plus, the charity who develop evidence-based parenting and mental health programmes for services supporting families, is delighted to announce a unique online seminar for mental health professionals titled ‘Improving Outcomes for Children with ADHD by Empowering Parents’, scheduled for the 18th of October, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

This seminar brings together mental health professionals to share insights on ADHD treatment, parent education, and the impact of the Parents Plus ADHD Programme for mental health services working with children with ADHD and their families. The Parents Plus ADHD Programme was developed in collaboration with services and families to ensure its effectiveness and impact.

We will also feature case examples of successful delivery of the Parents Plus ADHD Programme (PP-ADHD) in UK based CAMHS services and the lived experiences of parents who’ve journeyed through the group.

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr Gavin, describes the PP-ADHD as “a fundamental tool to effective ADHD care. Professionals develop a greater understanding of ADHD, the real-life challenges of parents and how to most effectively use helpful solution focused therapeutic strategies to enable positive behaviours.”

Furthermore, due to its group nature, the PP-ADHD  is cost-effective as it supports large numbers of service users with limited staff/time.  PP-ADHD can also be delivered on a one to one and improves mental health teams overall service delivery to families raising a child with ADHD.

Based on the core principles of the Parents Plus evidence-based programmes, the seminar will focus on empowerment, support, and collaboration, and will  be an important opportunity for mental health professionals to learn and share experiences to better assist the families and children you work with.

We encourage you to mark your calendars and save the date for this valuable seminar.

As we move closer to the date, we will share more details about the event’s format.  If you haven’t done so already you can register to attend and there is more information on the Parents Plus ADHD Programme. 

Seminar for UK mental health professionals – ‘Improving Outcomes for Children with ADHD by Empowering Parents’


Remember: 18th October, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. We look forward to meeting you there.



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