Mediation Training

Kerry Prevention, Partnership and Family Support (PPFS) are delighted to be able to offer Mediation Training to Professionals across Kerry. Funding for this training was secured via QCBI by Kerry CYPSC.

The 2-day training is being delivered via Zoom by Gerry O’Sullivan (Mediation Training and Research Services) on the 9th of December at 9.30am to 16.30pm and the 10th of December at 9.30am to 15.00pm

There are 14 space available. To secure you place please email  ASAP

In the event that there is more than 14 people seeking spaces, we will consider running another session in early 2021 – funding dependent.

Course Content:

Moving through Conflict’ Online Training – Course Focus

The main thrust of this online training is to introduce a new way of understanding conflict so that you take a different approach to it that will lead to collaborative outcomes. This understanding comes from my nearly 40 years of experience in training and working with conflict and from the research undertaken for my book: ‘The Mediator’s Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes.’  The training will be delivered online using animated presentations and filmed examples, with exercises and discussions. Pre-course reading and exercises will be necessary to prepare you for the sessions.

The training has three strands:

  1. To understand
  2. To be understood
  3. To have a framework and steps for creating a way through conflict 

1. Moving through Conflict’ – ‘To Understand’

This training will:

  • Illustrate the factors that contribute to the deficit and distortion of the information that we rely on to inform our thoughts and actions.
  • Help you understand and work effectively with emotional responses: what drives them, what happens in the brain, how to work effectively with someone who is emotionally charged?
  • Illustrate how our values and beliefs can trigger conflicts and block us from solving them.
  • Demonstrate how our paradigm influences our interpretations of events and our responses to them, and a film will illustrate a model for exploring misperceptions and misunderstandings.
  • Describe the theory behind Interest based negotiation so that the core of a conflict is identified, diagnosed and then matched with appropriate and effective solutions. A film will illustrate the understanding that can be created when using a specific questioning model.

2. Moving through Conflict’ – ‘To Be Understood’

This training will impart the skills necessary to:

  • Manage a conflict situation effectively so that the complainant feels heard and understood and moves from feeling threatened to being able to think cognitively and hear your perspective, interests and needs.
  • Ensure an appropriate process for managing a conflict using:
  1. a) Appropriate Body Language
  2. b) Signposting
  3. c) Listening techniques to hear what is beneath the position that is presented
  4. d) Open exploratory questions
  • Communicate effectively and with respect so that the other person will understand you and you will not be deflected, but heard and understood.

3. Moving through Conflict’ – ‘Application of Learning and Framework and Steps’

  • Explore your own conflict example – refer to pre-reading preparation
  • Introducing your take-away comprehensive step-by-step framework manual for reference from which to create your way through any current or future conflicts
  • Guidelines for facilitating a dialogue between two people in conflict and principles of mediation