Kerry CYPSC Parents Own Plan App

Kerry CYPSC are to delighted to introduce you to our ‘Parents Own Plan’ (POP) App which is available for download on both Android and iPhone for FREE!!

The App allows you to save all those appointments and plans that you have for your children (and yourself). It is equipped with a ‘remind you’ function which allows you to submit details to set an alarm to remind you on the day and at your chosen time. You also have the option to save an audio clip under each appointment if required, the clip can be played back to remind you of all of the information you need about your appointment/plan.

The appointments can vary from a dental appointment to football training, anything you like!

Click here to see the CYPSC Parents Own Plan app walkthrough YouTube video which shows you how to simply install this free and really useful Parent’s App. 

We hope you find the App really use-full!! Download for free on Play Store or App Store.

To download go to:

Apple IOS: