KEEP WELL campaign & supports available for all ages!

The #KeepWell campaign is aimed at showing people of all ages how we can mind our physical & mental wellbeing going forward by adding healthy and helpful habits to our daily and weekly routine.

The 5 key messages in the #KeepWell campaign are:

1.Keeping active

2.Staying connected

3.Switching off & being creative

4.Eating well

5.Managing your mood


The campaign provides tips, ideas, resources and information of what is available that will help to keep us well through the coming months. For full details click here or click on each of the key messages above for specific information.

Starting with a plan to do one small thing that will keep you well is a great way to look after your mental health and wellbeing!!

Other Supports Available:

Click here to download information on the following workshops, training, programmes and supports available to you;

  1. FREE Online Parenting Workshops,
  2. ‘Supporting Families Online and by Phone’ training for Professionals,
  3. HSE’s new FREE mental health and wellbeing programme ‘Mind Your Wellbeing’.