Coronavirus Booklet for Primary School aged Children

Axel Scheffler, award-winning illustrator of The Gruffalo series, has illustrated a digital book for primary school age children, free for anyone to read on screen or print out, about the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. Coronavirus: A Book for Children was first published by Nosy Crow in the UK, and now Gill Books is delighted to publish an Irish-specific version. The book has had expert input from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, teachers, and a child psychologist.

The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds:

• What is the coronavirus?
• How do you catch the coronavirus?
• What happens if you catch the coronavirus?
• Why are people worried about catching the coronavirus?
• Is there a cure for the coronavirus?
• Why are some places we normally go to closed?
• What can I do to help?
• What’s going to happen next?

At the back of the book there is a list of trusted resources for children, along with further reading for parents, guardians and carers.

Click on the image to download the booklet as a PDF.