Cork Autism Conference with Dr. Temple Grandin & other speakers

Join Dr. Temple Grandin and other international experts in Autism at this year’s ONLINE Cork Autism Conference, Autism: Beyond Behaviors which is taking place on October 11th, 2020. 

This CPD accredited training for childcare professionals will give you the practical strategies, resourceful tools and actionable insights to support you in the classroom.

You’ll learn:

  • Why do behaviors of concern happen in your school?
  • How do you support children on the autism spectrum when they display behaviors of concern?
  •  How do you introduce strategies if a child experiences anxiety or overwhelm?
  •  How do you calm a child on the autism spectrum?
  • Successful resources to support autistic children.
  • How do you understand and communicate with a child on the autism spectrum?
  • How do you create an autism-friendly classroom?

And much more….

Join this year’s online Autism conference to learn strategies and interventions to make a difference in the life of the students you teach.

This conference is CPD Accredited for Childcare Professionals.

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