Anam Cara Kerry Parent Evening

Anam Cara are facilitating an online parent evening ‘Anam Cara Kerry Parent Evening’ for Kerry and West Cork parents on Tuesday the 24th of November at 7:00p.m. This meeting will be hosted by Alve Bevan. 

If you know any bereaved parents who may like to take part please let them know to contact Anam Cara on or call; 028 95213120. Anam Cara will then give them the details of the event and their other services. This online event is free of charge.

Anam Cara’s messsage:

‘All throughout this pandemic Anam Cara’s main focus was to support bereaved parents as much as we could and thankfully with a lot of hard work our online platform is growing on a monthly basis, so even though we cannot meet face to face we can still come together. This online event gives parents a safe and comfortable place in which to remember their child.’


Anam Cara’s Contact Details:

Contact Number:   Office 01 4045378 & NI 02895213120
Email Address: